• Corazon red choker, green choker, chunky necklace
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Corazon red choker, green choker, chunky necklace

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Handmade necklace made with the shell of the miracle fruit also called "Totumo" and Tagua seeds.
About Totumo
The Totumo tree is small and grows in the tropical climates of Central and northern South America. The spherical fruits of the Totumo tree can vary in size, but generally when fully grown will vary from 12 to 30cm in diameter, contain many seeds and a white pulp. The seeds can be ground and mixed with water to make a refreshing drink and the pulp can be cooked and used as an effective remedy for respiratory diseases. For centuries the lightweight, hard and woody shell of the fruit once dried and cleaned has been used to make instruments, such as maracas, handicrafts and utensils to hold foods and liquids. We use this shell in some of our jewellery for its lightweight, but hardwearing properties
*As Latino Accessories jewellery is crafted from natural seeds, please be aware that some colour variation may occur. This makes each piece all the more unique!
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