• Brown Leather Cane Leaves Clutch Bag
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Brown Leather Cane Leaves Clutch Bag

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Beautiful clutch bag crafted from leather and woven cane leaves.

Zip top closure

Single compartment

Available in more colours

Materials: Leather and woven cane leaves About Cane leaves (Cana Flecha) For generations the indigenous in the Caribbean region of Colombia wove cane leaves (caña flecha in Spanish) to make a hat, now a national symbol of the country, to protect themselves from the sun. The process of preparing the material involves picking and drying the cane leaves and then removing the veins in strips of an approximately equal thickness. These strips are left out in the sun to bleach them with those that turn white being saved for weaving. The strips that turn beige are buried in a black mud and after a few days are removed, washed and boiled with another plant from the same area. This process is repeated until they turn black in colour and then the two coloured strips are hand woven to make the striking and elegant material used in our bags.

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