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Multicolour Chunky Bracelet - Blue Chunky Bracelet

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Bracelet made from pieces of Tagua.

Tagua is generally called either ‘vegetable ivory’ or ‘ivory nut’ in English.

The Tagua palm tree grows in the tropical and humid environments in the north west of South America and its fruit, which is grows several times throughout the year, are seedpods containing clusters of seeds. These seeds are collected and dried over a number of weeks so that they harden into a strong and durable material with a natural colour and texture similar to ivory. Tagua is a wonderful and versatile material that can be carved and sculpted into a wide range of designs and was treasured by the indigenous as being a material with a powerful natural energy and that when worn would bring the wearer into harmony with the surrounding world and love from family and friends.

Bracelet adjustable and suitable for most wrist sizes

Available in different colours

*As Latino Accessories jewellery is crafted from natural seeds, please be aware that some colour variation may occur. This makes each piece all the more unique!
Multicolour Blue Green Pink Fuchsia
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